Group Fitness Management

We specialise in all aspects of group fitness. We are a comprehensive platform that  prioritises compliance, supports cover-management enabling each gym/studio to focus on growing their community.

Join QT and let us take care of the group fitness admin


Reduced hours per week


Cover Rate

QT focuses on the 3 C's

Whether you are a gym or an instructor, QT connects the dots to make group fitness administration a thing of the past. We remove the every day admin headaches, allowing more time to focus on what really matters 

Prioritises Compliance

Store and access all your instructors certificates in one place.

Supports Cover management

Cover requests created and accepted in just a few clicks

Grow your Community

Group Fitness analytics available helping you create the perfect timetable.

Timetable Management

Create multiple timetables, connect with instructors, oversee cover requests and measure performance of classes to make informed decisions.

3 Levels of Compliance



First Aid, CPR, Insurance



Service Agreements


Class Type

Les Mills, Zumba, Yoga

Cover Management

Find cover for classes instantly whilst ensuring compliance. Create open covers to the QT community.

Speak to one of the team to see how QT can help your gym/studio.

Frequently asked questions

Have a different question from below? Get in touch with the team and we are more than happy to help!

Do you have to pay per user?

In short, No. QT allows the facility to connect with as many instructors/trainers as required with no additional fees.

Do I have to create all the cover requests?

QT allows instructors/trainers to find cover for their own classes. The platform does restrict the request so it can only go out to instructors which are connected with the facility. The facility has the option to ‘open application’ to the rest of the network if unsuccessful with finding an adequate cover.

What are the analytics?

QT allows each instructor/trainer to enter the attendance for the class after it is taught. Connecting these metrics with class rates we are able to deep dive into class types, instructors, time periods which stand out for your facility. 

I'm an instructor, how does it work?

As an instructor/trainer you can register on the platform for free, select your competencies (what you teach), upload all credentials and start covering. Once a facility joins they will be able to find you and connect (if you select to be visible).

How does connecting with instructors work?

Instructors/trainers can connect with your facility by clicking on a unique link you can send. Other than that, they can only connect with a facility through open application cover requests or being requested by the facility through the directory.

How does the compliance work?

Using the 3 levels, each instructor/trainer will be able to upload the correct credentials required to accept covers and teach. The rule of mandatory and suggested allows each facility to be strict in what they deem to be an important credential for their business. 

How can I work the platform with payroll?

At current, QT allows you to review the timetable with all changes being reflected live. This allows an easier cross reference connecting with the rates. We will be launching the invoice feature soon which will allow trainers/instructors to auto-calculate the totals and facilities the option to send straight to accounting software.

I only have 1 studio, do I really need this?

QT works well for boutique studios or large gym facilities. By streamlining the compliance process and supporting cover-management, it allows each studio to keep all group fitness admin in one place. Get in touch and we can arrange a 30 day trial!

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