Why choose QT?

Secure, reliable and effective

Qualified Trainers was created with a vision of solving common challenges faced in the group fitness and gym industry. Our software allows seamless connections with instructors/trainers and facilities ensuring compliance while creating further opportunities to succeed in the business. We make the boring stuff simple so your team can spend more time being creative in your community.

How QT will benefit your facility

We cover the 3 C’s; compliance, cover-management and community.

Save $$$$ per year

Removing the cost of admin in group fitness allows you to invest in others areas of the business to help grow your community.

Save 250+ hours per year

On average we save 5 hours+ a week of admin over the year. This includes compliance checking, cover management and payroll.

Reduce payroll errors

Using our live timetable, you can cross reference instructors with classes and the correct rate to avoid common errors in payroll.

Prevents class cancellations

Send a request and notify your instructors instantly of a cover request. Whether it is urgent or planned, you control who can cover in your facility.

Live timetable with reminders

Covering during the busy holiday seasons can be a challenge. QT live timetable allows instructors to stay up to date with their covers by auto-reminders.

Secure, reliable and effective

QT can provide any studio/gym with group fitness solutions. We are dedicated to be the leading platform in this space.

Grow your fitness community

Connect your facility seamlessly with qualified instructors in your area!

Using our cover-management feature or directory, connect with instructors within 50km of your location. QT ensures you are in control of who is connected to your gym facility.

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We're always here to help. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.