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The new and easy way to find cover for
classes and find new teaching opportunities.
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QT offers instructors further opportunities to teach and connect with different gyms/studios. The best part is it's FREE!.

Join the fastest growing group fitness community by following these 3 simple steps below and start teaching today!

How it Works

Create a Profile

It's quick and easy to set up a profile with QT. Add your experience, skill set and upload your credentials (certificates, first aid, insurance) to the QT cloud. Set your location and the distance you are willing to travel for new classes. This will ensure you will only receive class requests which suit your requirements.

Connect with your studios

Connect with the gyms/studios you already work with. Once connected, you will be able to find covers for your own classes. Additionally, you will be able to complete invoices for payroll from your phone using the QT templates.

Support your Gym!

Once connected, ensure you are up-to-date with your credentials to meet compliance requirements, mark class attendance to enable reporting and submit your invoices on time.

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