What is QT and how does it work?

What exactly is QT, and how will it benefit your business?

In the last decade, there’s been a significant rise in demand for group fitness, spanning from small group training to innovative studio concepts like reformer and heated yoga. However, meeting this demand as a gym business can be challenging solely through initial investment.

While incorporating group fitness into your facility may seem obvious, it’s just the beginning. The complexities of running group fitness have evolved alongside its popularity.

Running a successful group fitness space demands considerable administrative time, ranging from 10 to 20 hours per week. This workload has led to the emergence of roles like the ‘Group Fitness Manager/Coordinator’. This role, also taken on by owner-operators, includes compliance, cover-management, payroll, and measuring class attendance metrics to optimise the group fitness timetable

Introducing Qualified Trainers (QT)

Qualified Trainers (QT) is the first fully comprehensive group fitness management platform that allows complete timetable management.

The software prioritises group fitness operations with a focus on the 3 C’s: Compliance, Cover-Management, and Community.

Firstly, Compliance. Our framework operates across three levels (Global, Facility, Class-Type), making compliance management easy for both gym facilities and instructors. The feature allows unlimited trainers/instructors, whether sub-contractors or employees, to download and use the app for free. Facilities aren’t charged per user, ensuring unlimited staff access. This tool is also suitable for corporate and franchisor levels for multisite management.

Moving to Cover-Management. Facilities can create their full timetables, connecting each class to relevant instructors/trainers on the platform. Each class records its rate, simplifying payroll. Instructors can find cover within the facility’s network, ensuring compliance requirements are met. Facilities can also open cover requests to recruit new instructors/trainers.

Finally, Community. Our timetable feature enables attendance reporting and in-depth analytics, providing insights into instructor quality and member demographics. QT compares studio space costs and provides each facility with the blueprint to create the perfect timetable. Overall QT software will save time and increase efficiency to become the backbone for all group fitness operations.

What lies ahead for QT?

Jay Ramsden (Co-Founder) is excited about QT’s future. New upcoming features, including payroll integration, and AI tools such as QT AIC (AI Compliance), will enhance efficiency.

We’re also developing innovative timetable technology, enabling new gym facilities to create fully operational timetables based on past data with a few clicks.

Stay tuned for our live Road-Map!

To download an info pack for more details on how QT can benefit your business and pricing, please click here:

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